With jury away, the defense will play

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Right after the jury left for the afternoon break, Stuart Levine left the witness stand and Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy fell to the floor.
He was joking around, something that left fellow defense lawyers, Rezko and even the prosecutors laughing.

He may have been mocking exhaustion after enduring a protracted exchange between himself and Levine. More and more, Levine has been emboldened to not directly answer questions, give extra details and ask Duffy things such as:
“May I ask you to define spokesman, please?”

Before that break, Duffy tried to put a new spin on a recorded conversation between Levine and Rezko.

Duffy suggested through questioning that the two were discussing staff problems at the state health planning board. Levine had previously testified that in the phone call, Rezko was handing down orders about who should talk to whom on the planning board.
“You want to put a corrupt interpretation on it, don’t you?”
“No, sir,” Levine said, but then wanted to backtrack: "Let me rephrase that..."
"Mr. Levine," Judge St. Eve interjected.
Levine: "OK, sorry."

Duffy is now asking Levine about the second board he sat on, the Teachers' Retirement Systems board.

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Well said Hanna- Thanks to the reporters. This is really meaningful stuff. Thsi kind of corruption is so very pervasive and real. That's to Fitz and thanks to the reporters.

It sounds like the Prosecution might have had something to say to Levine, because in the previous days Duffy seemed to be ripping into him. I really admire the reporters on this story, this is a lot to sit through. Hope it garners you enough info for a Prize winning story - your efforts are greatly appreciated. The rest of the country seems to be strangely dead asleep on this.

Seems like Duffy only has himself to blame here. I mean the lineof questioning comes across as innane on paper. Asking the guy to run values of percentages- most jurors can't even figure a proper tip for a server. Really, these lawyers are so egotistical.

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