Will judge release Rezko on bond?

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When testimony concludes today, Judge Amy St. Eve will decide whether Tony Rezko should be released on bond. He's been in jail since he was arrested Jan. 28.

Though the circumstances are different in the Rezko case, St. Eve is the same judge who allowed bond for two defendants accused of having ties to Hamas terror funding. St. Eve allowed the two free on bond despite passioned pleas from the prosecution to keep them behind bars so they wouldn't flee.

Muhammad Salah and Abdelhaleem Ashqar didn't flee and were ultimately convicted on lesser charges.
During and before trial, St. Eve set tight restrictions on the two, including house arrest and requiring a GPS monitoring bracelet for Ashqar.

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Really why would Rezko wnat to leave the country?

I mean, he's only got the G E Capital Case, The "friends" he bilked out of millions case, and this little tiny Federal case going on. I mean, is that any reason to flea the county? What will be interesting is to see if he get's indicted anywhere else...like in Wisconsin with Hurtgen?

Sure Levine was a bad witness. But Pekin, Cari and the rest are like torpedos to Rezkos defence. I can't believe this guy thought a trial would be a good idea.

I wonder who's going to pay his lawyers?

My question of the day is this: With all the people Rezko owes money to, who would be stupid enough to offer up $8 MILLION in property to secure Mr. Rezko's release unless they were afraid of what Rezko might say if left in jail and offered the chance to rollover for the government. I would think that Rezko would be happy staying where he is from a personal safety standpoint. Besides just how much "AUCHI" money does he have stashed all over the world to use as his ticket to freedom? And if he is as broke as he continues to insist, how can he afford all these lawyers and private security to monitor him while he is out on bond.

Maybe he can spend some of his free days helping Obama persuade the Superdelegates - isn't Gov. Blog one of them?

Maybe he can spend some of his free time helping Obama persuade some Super-duper-delegates to ensure his future Presidential pardon. Or maybe he can go back to helping the Gov with his stated mission: "Governor Rod R. Blagojevich is assembling a staff with the capabilities to accomplish his vision of a better Illinois."

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