We've reached the point of ridiculousness

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Lawyer Joseph Duffy and witness Stuart Levine spend more than an hour sparring over one question.
That is, whether Levine and a fellow board member Thomas Beck, talked about getting orders from Tony Rezko before an April 21, 2004 health planning board meeting.

We go through transcript after transcript, with Duffy trying to get Levine to admit there was no such discussion and Levine parsing words, asking Duffy to repeat, telling Duffy he, Duffy, made an error in his statement, or gave an incomplete statement prior to asking the question.

"Sir," Duffy insisted firmly just now. "Answer MY question."
"What is your question?" Levine asks lightly.

Much of the day, Duffy asks a question, Levine, apparently not liking how Duffy asked the question, tries filling in the blanks for the jury.
"Mr. Levine -- yes or no?!" Duffy asks repeatedly.

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This is where these Lawyers make a huge mistake. they start grandstanding and it becomes about there ego. As a result they forget abou the jury who is not impressed. Big error on Duffy's part.

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