This break brought to you by ... Ali Ata

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We might have one day, maybe two days off from the trial because the defense wants more time to prepare its cross examination of Ali Ata.

Ata is supposed to bring some explosive testimony, including ...

... that he allegedly paid more than $100,000 in cash bribes to Rezko. He also provided some of the most direct accusations against Gov. Blagojevich, placing him inside a Rezko office when Ata handed over a $25,000 campaign contribution. Ata said it was then that the governor allegedly promised him a post, which he later landed. He served as the head of the Illinois Finance Authority, despite a lack of significant finance experience.
The governor has denied the accusations tied to Ata.
The defense needs the extra time because Ata is a surprise witness, whom the government called upon just after Ata's plea deal last week.
Ata pleaded guilty in a separate case, which Rezko is also charged in.

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The delay will probably be as long as the defense can until AFTER the elections in No. Carolina and Indiana. If you don't think some of Obamas left wing supporters are in there trying to help delay this your crazy. The more bad publicity Rezko gets the worse it looks for Obama,so believe me the Obama campaign is stressin' right now and doing everything they can to help slow this down!!!

"The governor has denied the accusations."
The man has absolutely no shame.

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