The Human Stain -- an Allison Davis sidenote

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Witness Tom Rosenberg talks about his relationship with Allison Davis. Davis is a Rezko associate, a developer and lawyer, as well as the onetime boss of Barack Obama, when Obama worked at a Chicago law firm.

“I got to know him especially well, or spent time with him when I was doing research to do a movie called the Human Stain in which the main character is an African American who lives his life as a white man," Rosenberg said. Davis is African American, but light-skinned.
"I wanted his insights into this character as portrayed, assuming he faced many of the same issues as the character.”

At one point in their friendship, Rosenberg said he offered Davis a warning to stay away from Tony Rezko. “I hope you’re not getting yourself in a bad position here with Mr. Rezko ... because it’s a bad idea,” he said he told Davis.

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I guess Mr. Davis did not heed the words, not only that He also included Obama.

Davis seems to have had so much to gain by including Obama - Obama's the okedokee man after all - with a wink, wink here and a wink wink there a lot of funding went Davis' way.

Believe JP may have it reversed. My understanding is Tony had known Obama and Davis independently of each other and may have been person who suggested that Obama and the law firm would be a good fit.
One thing that needs to be corrected, but probably will not, is this notion that Barnhill, Minor & Davis (or whatever the precise name)is a "civil rights" firm. While it has developed what is frankly a lucrative practice in civil rights litigations (Yes, a great deal of money can be made by "doing good."), a huge portion of its practice is corporate, real estate and commercial litigation. These are not some poor guys working in a cramped old office only striving for truth, justice and weatherperson Nirvana.

What has become clear in this case, the Hurtgen Case et al, is that these little things called finders fees, sometimes in the millions of dollars, need to coem to the attention of some sort of ethics regulation or something.

It's just crazy that kjellander got mapid close to a million- of which he gave rezko comanies 1/2- so that hurtgen could get the $10 billion dollar bond issuance at the state of illinois.

It's total insanity, it's pay-to-play, it's graft, and only benefits those in on the deal. The tax payers pay the price of these payoffs...

Go Fitzy Go!

I have said it many times Obama was in bed with the most corrupt political organization in the country. When he talks about his past he never mentions he worked for a law firm that was politically connected with Rezko and others that would get state money to fix up large apartment buildings for the poor and they would pocket most of the money let the buildings rot and then have Obama and others get them more state money for other poor housing projects and do the same.
When Rezko was extorting prospective bidders for state contracts some of them were required to give contributions to Obama as well as the governor. The 300,000 extra Rezko paid for Obama's yard will surely be shown to be a disguised bribe for services rendered to Rezko.
Was it a payoff to get a visa for the Billionare who was not allowed into this country? It was clear he gave a few million to Rezko 2 weeks before the house was purchased.
Obama lied when he said he never met the guy when we now know Obama and his wife met him at a Obama fundraiser and Obama himself introduced him to the other invited guests.

Here is an interesting article written by Tim Novak back in June 13th of 2007, that you all might find interesting. It will also help with dates and timelines.

This case is one outrage after another. Even from the simpliest of things. I don't understand how Rezko got away with letting those buildings go to trash - right there out in the open??? Isn't there any penalty for that? Shouldn't someone have been responsible for checking in on these State projects, someone maybe like Obama who pushed the deal Rezko's way? Obama didn't notice what his friend did with those buildings? What kind of a system is this? Rezko's behavior was a huge flaunt of sociopathy. He's busy contributing to Obama et al and these poor people have no heat in their buildings, a complete disgrace. Exactly who in the Chicago system was responsible for looking after this??

It was my impression that when Obama was approached by Tony Rezko while he was still at Harvard and offered a job, Obama said he "turned it down". When he came to Chicago to work at the law firm Davis,Miner,Barnhill & Galland, Rezko was their biggest cleint and shortly after Davis became partners with Rezko on many real estate deals. Tell me this, if Rezko is your biggest client and responsible for your next pay check, who are you working for? He just forgot to mention that part.

Today in The LA Times. Obama's main client was Robert Blackwell Jr who got state grants for table tennis with the help of Obama and his staff. Another pay to play scheme. His style of politics is Not what he proclaims. If only the press did their homework.

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