Swissôtel refuses to sink to Purple Hotel status --bans Stu Levine

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Representatives from Swissôtel Chicago announced today that they have BANNED Stuart Levine from staying at their hotel.
They call his behavior shocking and "unacceptable."

Levine, the current star witness to testify against Tony Rezko, testified he took part in day-long drug binges using hard-core drugs with other men, at various hotels, including the Swissôtel. But most of those binges happened at the Purple Hotel in Lincolnwood.
Read their press release...

Rezko Witness Stewart Levine Banned from Swissôtel Chicago
Levine Testifies He Binged on Drugs at Swissôtel Chicago

April 10, 2008 (Chicago) – Swissôtel Chicago has banned Stewart Levine, key witness in the ongoing Tony Rezko trial, from the hotel after he testified to using drugs during several of his stays.

“We were shocked to learn what occurred during Mr. Levine’s visit, and he is no longer welcome at Swissôtel Chicago,” says Jack Breisacher, Hotel Manager of Swissôtel Chicago. “This sort of behavior is illegal and unacceptable, and we are very disappointed that this took place.”

Levine is currently being questioned during the trial of former political fundraiser Tony Rezko, and he recently testified that he and others binged on drugs while staying at various Chicago hotels, including Swissôtel Chicago.

Swissôtel Chicago has a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal drug use by any and all hotel guests, and was not aware of this activity. Levine will not be allowed back at Swissôtel Chicago.

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Oh brother. Swissôtel Chicago is shocked to find out what goes on in some rooms behind closed doors they rent out! In the meantime mainstream media is essentially ignoring the dirty games of Chicago politicians - despite the fact we have Obama grown from this pot and he is rapidly climbing his way towards the White House. What is it going to take for the mainstream media to get serious about the massive infection called Chicago politics and flush out connections to any potential Presidential candidate? Go Sun- Times reporters - there was massive denial preceeding Watergate and if it weren't for a couple of dedicated, intelligent reporters this Nation would have been all the more sorry for it.

Wonder how the upright and true managers of the Swisshotel feel about extra-marital hanky-panky taking place on their premises?

'Cause if they knew what I knew, I'd be banned from the joint too. Along with about 25% of their regulars.

So what is it that you know, Mack?

It would be great if Swissôtel did a before-and-after drug residue scan for each of their rooms rented.

Wonder if Swissôtel Chicago or any of the area hotels are regular contributors to any politicians -including the would be President. if so - who's the biggest contributor? How about the staff of the hotels - the managers, who could arrange discreet encounters. I find it fishy Swissôtel Chicago are so jumpy to distance themselves. The average person needing a hotel room isn't going to think this is slum city or bring their own towels because Levine stayed there. What are they so worried about?

When will the truth of Obamas connection to these people come out. I heard some one from his campaign is sitting in the court taking notes!

Man of the comments here are off-base. Swissotel is a classy hotel and as such they need to distance themselves from public announcements of what goes on behind their closed doors.

No one is pretending adult or illicit activities do not take place in hotel rooms. One part of the contract in renting a hotel room is privacy. That contract also includes protecting the management from knowing what goes on, so they are not held accountable or as accessories to whatever crimes you privately commit. Broadcasting your activities to the world violates that contract, and it is perfectly reasonable of Swissotel to ban anyone who publicly confesses to abusing the hotel.

Anyone still think that Larry Sinclair's allegations
are preposterous?
Where there is smoke there is fire.
Obama was surrounded by criminals and drug users.

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