Rezko trial: Armani suit coat bungles covert operation

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On Friday, star witness Stuart Levine said he was suited up with a covert wire and asked to "accidentally bump into" former Ald. William Singer. Levine was supposed to capture Singer on tape but even though the two talked -- the recording didn't work.
The possible explanation? The button in Levine's Armani suit coat may have accidentally tripped the switch of the recording device, shutting it off.

Defense questioning reveals that the feds followed Singer, monitoring his movements ...

so they knew where Singer would likely be on June 28, 2006. Levine was sent to that neighborhood with an undercover agent and he caught Singer on tape. But the device was accidentally shut off and despite having a back-up recording device, Levine said no recording happened.

Here's more background on why the feds were interested in Singer:
Saturday's story: Levine's undercover attempt

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