Friends step up to try to free Rezko

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A series of friends of Tony Rezko have stepped up and offered up their properties in exchange for his release on bond.

The first person, "Kevin" Razko (no, that's not misspelled) of Hinsdale, told the judge he's willing to post $112,000 equity in his home and risk losing his property if Rezko flees. Tony Rezko is cousin's of Razko's father, he said.
The judge is warning all these people she'll take their properties if Rezko flees.

Rezko's lawyers say 16 or 17 people are posting their properties.

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Will the judge be selling these properties at auction? Maybe you could post their addresses and have open houses on Sunday, I'll bring the doughnuts. Who will get the finders fees?

Crazy!!!!!!!! He'll hop a plane to Havana before you know it!

Crazy!!!!!!!! He'll hop a plane to Havana before you know it!

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