Rezko trial:Backing up Levine

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We've entered the "See, our star witness was telling the truth" portion of the trial.

State pension fund attorney, Steve Loren, gives testimony that backs up that of star witness Stuart Levine.
Tony Rezko's lawyer, Joseph Duffy, tore into Levine, saying his word couldn't be trusted because his memory was shaky and he had personal reasons to lie on the stand.

But Loren, who was overheard on numerous recordings talking with Levine, backed up Levine's contentions on the following (thus far):

-- The behind-the-scenes power at TRS held by GOP heavyweight William Cellini
-- Efforts to stop the consolidation of two state pension funds, including actions by Cellini.
-- Levine's first meeting with Rezko, in which Rezko talked about the sale of the Scholl property by the Chicago Medical School (now Rosalind Franklin).
--That Ald. Dick Mell visited Levine and invited him to take part in the transition team for Gov. Blagojevich. Levine decilned.

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Thank God for Loren, maybe they will get these crooks, all of them, including the Mayor and Obama!

Loren is almost as big a weasel as Levine, only without the personal baggage. His entire legal career was "Me First" and he has had plenty of time to figure out whatever he needs to say to save his scrawny little neck. I can't believe the judge is letting the prosection admit all this double hearsay evidence.

Being a weasel? Maybe that's one reason it is not such a good idea to do business with a crook to begin with. Remember no honor amoung thieves? With a lack of ethics like that why would anyone be shocked at self serving behavior? They deserve each other.

Not a big suprise that "LoopLawyer" would be upset that the prosectution is trying to prosecute. All signs point to Rezko, being guilty as charged, lets quit trying to justify poor behavior my powerful people by actually believing that everyone around Rezko is simply lying to save there own neck. Where there is smoke there is fire, way too much smoke to believe that Rezko is innocent.

Well said Speaking at Will.

Most lawyers would suggest not to decide the case until you have heard all the evidence. I, too, think Rezko is despicable. However, any case is only as good as its witnesses and evidence, and this case has strong evidence and weak witnesses.

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