Rezko trial: Wine and chuckles

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Richard Driehaus proved to be a very brief witness, who on cross examination let out a peculiar-sounding chuckle at what seemed to be peculiar moments.
Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy asked Driehaus about his first met Rezko, which took place at the home of Charles Hannon. Driehaus and Rezko had dinner together, but Duffy asked whether it was true they didn't in fact meet until they were in the basement of the Hannon home.
“I did, sort of interesting, isn’t it?” Ha! he chuckled to himself. No one else was laughing.
Then Duffy asked:
"Is it fair to say that the wine was the highlight of the evening? Duffy asked. "Or was it the architecture?"
Answered Driehaus: “Both, because there wouldn’t be the wine without the architecture." Ha! He chuckled to himself again.
Driehaus, an aficionado of architecture told of an evening at the Hannon mansion that included numerous bottles of fine wine. Driehaus' motivation in the 2003 meeting with Rezko and Hannon was to tour the architecturally significant home. It is set on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan.

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Isn't Driehaus some kind of big time fund manager? I mean does it really help to try and discredit such a witness...It seems he makes a pretty 'normal' person in this weird trial.

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