Rezko trial: Who didn't bring up Obama

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The reception involving Nadhmi Auchi was mentioned before in the Tony Rezko trial, but just briefly.
And while the defense seemed to go out of its way to ask star witness Stuart Levine today whether U.S. Sen. Barack Obama and his wife attended the reception, the prosecution seemed to also go out of its way -- to not ask that question.

Way back on March 19th, Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Niewoehner asked Stuart Levine about the same reception that Rezko organized for the Iraqi-born billionaire, Auchi.
Niewoehner asked if Levine attended, and asked who else was there, including Chris Kelly, a named co-schemer who hasn't been charged in the case.

Then the trial went to a break. When they returned, the prosecution changed the subject.
Today, Rezko lawyer specifically asked about Gov. Blagojevich, Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn -- and the Obamas.
But that's as far as Duffy went as well. Levine was never specifically asked if he saw Obama -- or any of these people -- actually speaking with the guest of honor.
Obama, who isn't accused of any wrongdoing, has said he doesn't recall ever meeting Auchi.
Auchi, one of the wealthiest men in the world, is a man of international interest because of charges abroad and his ban from entering the United States.

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What now the Federal prosecutors will not ask questions regarding Obamas involvement? If there is a connection between Obama, Rezko, Levine and Auchi, I hope it comes out before the nomination or general election? Some Americans may think there is a conspiracy!

I find that very curious. I wonder if there is NO connection, and Fitzgerald knows that, and so is staying away from anything that might affect the election.

Or there IS something there, but Fitzgerald wants it to come out when it's supposed to, never mind theelection. He's such a straight shooter, that I think he will do what he has to for his particular case, because that's his focus, justice in this case, and side effects are not his concern. (That actually strikes me as more likely.)

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