Rezko trial: What's 5% of $20 million?

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"Much more than than $1 million," star witness Stuart Levine answered confidently.

Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy asked again.
Levine responded: "5 percent of $20 million would be $5 million."
Then a few seconds of silence.
"$1 million," Levine blurted out, correcting himself.
"That's what I thought," Duffy mumbled. "You're scaring me."

Why does anyone care?

They care because Levine previously testified that Rezko told Levine that they should make money off of contracts by asking for 5 % of the contract allocation.
But Duffy was citing to Levine, kickbacks he received in deals that Rezko wasn't involved in.
"Was 5% your going rate in terms of what you required as a kickback on a contract?" Duffy asked.
Levine said no.
"It just happened to be the same percentage that showed up every time?" Duffy asked.
"Um, no sir."

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Well i have to say that ol' Duffy is over playing his hand here. I'm sure there are many jurors that were trying to do the calculation in thier heads and came up with nothing too. How many people can even calculate a 15% tip? It reads like too much grand standing.

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