Rezko trial: The wire that never was?

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At the end of today's session, it sounds like Stuart Levine was asked to wear a wire on Bill Singer -- who was involved in the sale of a downtown medical building -- but accidentally shut it off.

Levine was instructed by government agents to go to Singer's neighborhood and pretend he accidentally bumped into him. Before Levine could finish the story, the government objected to Joseph Duffy asking about one recording device that was in Levine's pocket.
“The questions are being asked as if there’s one device,” Chris Niewoehner objected, indicating there was more than one recording device.
The parties then went to a private side conversation and the judge dismissed jurors for the day.
But then, what's become typical in what's supposed to be a public trial -- lawyers and Judge St. Eve went to a secret sidebar again, even though jurors weren't in the room.
Maybe we'll find out Monday.

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One could be mean by feigning suprise that Bill Singer wasn't really a good government reformer after all.

The pattern from Illinois Democrats suggest further investigation ! The more this trial goes on, the deeper the rabbit hole goes. I didn't realize that my union (international union of Elevator constructors) was contributing to Rezko/blago. There is no transperency or accountability , it there own little piggy bank. When the bank is empty they arbitrarily raise the dues, kinda like what Illinois democrats do(TAXES), if it isn't in the rules to do so, they change the rules in the middle of the game!
I thought Leaders were supposed to LEAD by example, not do as i say, not as i do ! ! ! ! !

Natasha--the reason you're seeing so many 'sidebar' conversations is because of the Federal Rules of Evidence. Those rules protect people at trial.
It's the tale of how the Democratic party bankrolled itself in Chicago while pols pretended to be helping poor people.
They help themselves to city, state, and now, apparently the national level of politics.
You're not going to find it in the courtroom! Ask the Obamas for 30 years of their tax records. And McCain too while you're at it, as it appears that Texas operatives are using McCarthy style tactics to try getting Geraldine Ferraro fired.

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