Rezko trial: Predictions

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Tom Rosenberg recalled hearing of pressures the governor's people were putting on a state board to reward political donors.

He once told GOP power broker Bill Cellini predicted that the way a state board operated, people could end up in court. Rosenberg called up Cellini when he had business stall with the Teachers' Retirement System board. Rosenberg had a feeling that his old nemesis Stuart Levine, who was on the TRS board, was behind torpedoing the deal.
So he called up Cellini, "Because he always knows what was going on.”

Cellini allegedly told Rosenberg in Feb. 2004 that TRS executive director Jon Bauman was under "serious stress."

“Bauman was having serious stress issues because he was being pressured by the governor’s people to invest TRS money into incompetent companies or risky ventures,” Rosenberg said he told Cellini.
“I said, tell him not to do it. He said: 'Jon is not that strong,' Rosenberg said.

“One day, Jon Bauman is going to be raising his hand under oath and he’s going to tell what happened and that day is going to be very bad for Mr. (Chris) Kelly and Mr. Rezko."

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I hope everything comes out. Everyone even remotely involved, associated or got their fingers in any of it. Should pay dearly.

Most people don’t know what this is all about. I happen to have spent more than 26 years in a family who is part of the Combine and their jobs are at a very high level within the crime system. To me, the Rezko Trial is the tip of a very huge iceberg that has yet to show what it really is. One thing for sure is that no one is really going to believe all of what this is about. And it’s truly amazing that the people involved have been able to pull this off for decades.

The Governor seems to be a favorite topic within the Rezko trial these days and may have been asking if he is involved too. But since knowing what I know, the real question they ought to be asking it what else is involved here?

As I said earlier, you will have a difficult time believing it.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

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