Rezko trial: Obama's name kept hush

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This morning at the Tony Rezko trial, before jurors entered the courtroom, lawyers discuss the expected testimony of Elie Maloof. Though Maloof is accused of making a straw donation to Barack Obama's campaign, lawyers and the judge this morning tiptoed around Obama's name, never mentioning it.

It appears when Maloof takes the stand in Rezko's trial, Obama will be kept out of the picture. Maloof is testifying with a grant of immunity from prosecution.

Maloof is a Rezko associate who allegedly made a straw donation to Obama's Senatorial campaign at Rezko's behest. That allegation was outlined in the government's proffer of evidence before the trial. Obama wasn't named in the proffer, he was just referred to as a political candidate.

But the Chicago Sun-Times, citing a source, reported Obama was that candidate. Obama was not accused of wrongdoing and subsequently donated Maloof's money (and other Rezko-related cash) to charity.

Prosecutor Chris Niewoehner told Judge St. Eve this morning he would talk about a couple of transactions tied to Maloof (another involving GOP heavyweight Bob Kjellander) but wouldn't elicit where the money went.

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you all overloojk the FACT that Obama had alot of illegal money going into his campaign fund and still does. Only the names have changed, alot of the people working on his campaign have connections to rezko in some way or another. They are all connected to each other.

Why should we believe anything Obama says anymore. Rev Wright accused him of lying yesterday, he said Obama will say anything to get elected. I finally agree with him on one thing. Go Hillary

Have all of you read the transcript of the 2 hour(?) interview The Sun Times had with Obama last month?,transcript031508.article
It's rough 'cause the Rezko trial coincided with the primary, & aspects of it lend themselves to the impression of impropriety. Impressions and acts are worlds apart. One thing is absolutely clear, though, Obama did nothing illegal. To suggest otherwise is simply dishonest.

Hello American People!

Well, it seems that the Rezco trial ia a true Pandora Box. So will we know, at the end, all about Rezco and his associates, including "the political candidate"???

God Bless America!!!

It is very interesting that Carl Rove's name has surfaced in conjunction with irregularities associated with Rezko but Obama seems to be shielded from any scurrilous speculation regarding his property transaction. If a republican presidential candidate was in Obama's current situation there would be headlines upon headlines and the jurors would be honored guests on Oprah. The Keating issue has already been raised in the campaigns in regard to Senator McCain but, for some reason, no one is bringing up Obama's Rezko land deals. Assuming Rezko does not similarly bless everyone in Illinois, the question of the hour is what Obama had to promise Rezko to get the land bargain. Will he give the property back as he did the donations after his hand was caught in the cookie jar?

It won't be long now before we start hearing more and more about Obama participating. I read that Mahru was on the list and he was part of the Companion negotiations as was Dan Frawley, but I don't think Frawley is on the prosecution witness list. Read this attachment, the second article "$100,000 stolen and 3 guns, or were they?"Notice the dates, April 26, email sent, April 27 money stolen. It seems the feds know about all the checks received but how about all the cash donations?,CST-NWS-rezko07.stng

There is definite palm greasing going on, but I'm sure Obama supporters and especially lawyers are earning triple time right now to keep Barrys (oops, i mean Baracks) name out of it!! What a scarey candidate at best!!

More like "won't be long now before Karl Rove is indicted." Read the next entry in this blog:

American voter needs to know the truth about Obama!

Watch for Evelyn Pringle's upcoming article on Obama. I think it won't be long now before Obama is indicted.

Obama is big on Hot Potatoe Donations. Did he donate the lot back to Rita Rezko (via an invisible record) after she transferred that whole thing to his land trust, so that she could then pass the Hot Potatoe over to the Poulos couple?

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