Rezko trial: Lying Levine

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Once Stuart Levine decided to cooperate, he had to promise to tell the truth or lose it all.

"Well somewhere in the course of your cooperation you lied to them, did you not?"
"Yes sir."
Levine lied to the chief prosecutor in the case and to two FBI agents when he failed to disclose an alleged kickback scheme with former powerful Ald. Ed Vrdolyak.
“I lied in an attempt, stupidly, thinking I was smarter than the government and I could keep Ed Vrdolyak out of trouble,” Levine said.
"As a result of your lying," Duffy stated, drawing out each word. "Nothing hapened to you."
"The interview was stopped and there was a conversation with my lawyer,"
"If they hadn’t have caught you, you wouldn’t have come clean, is that right?"
"Yes, sir."

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