Rezko trial: Levine's mistaken memory

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Stuart Levine just testified that he met the late Orlando Jones (godson of the late John Stroger) for the first time at a dinner party Nov. 2, 2002. That's the same dinner party where Levine said he met Tony Rezko for the first time.
But there was something that doesn't make sense about Levine's testimony.

Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy, who has challenged Levine's memory all day, showed Levine board meeting minutes from three dates in 2002. In those meetings of the Illinois Health Facilities PLanning board, records show that Jones sat on the board with Levine. Jones and Levine had three, half-day long meetings prior to the November dinner party. Levine explained he may have met Jones before the dinner party but the first time he remembered meeting Jones was at the dinner party.
Duffy: “Has your memory failed you"
Levine: "Yes, sir."

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