Rezko trial: Levine's memory clears up

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Stuart Levine gives specifics on a Nov. 2, 2002 dinner party where Levine said he first met Tony Rezko. Levine, who yesterday couldn't recall what year he pleaded guilty, (2006), lays out where everyone sat at the dining room table and gave specifics about what was said that evening.

Levine testifies discussion at the table included talk of a controversial sale of a Gold Coast property -- the Scholl School of Podiatry. Levine said Rezko planned to artificially stall the closing on the building presumably to sell the building to someone Rezko backed.
But Levine had his own interest in the property. He allegedly arranged to receive a kickback from the sale.
Levine said he told Rezko at the dinner:
“If there is an artificial problem that was being created that was preventing the second closing that I wouldn’t tolerate it,” Levine said.
Rezko allegedly responded: “If this property had been promised to someone else that he would not stand in the way."
Levine: “I told him that I would appreciate that very much.”
Duffy repeatedly picks at every detail Levine is divulging, questioning the exactness of his memory.

Duffy is trying to show that a faulty memory kept Levine from answering basic questions Monday. But today, when it came to Rezko, Levine is able to cough up pretty specific details.

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