Rezko trial: Levine still on direct

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The prosecution's star witness, Stuart Levine, takes the stand for the eighth day -- but he's still on direct examination. The talk this morning so far, is about more finder's fees -- a.k.a. kickbacks -- through the Teachers' Retirement System.
In this case though, Levine said Tony Rezko asked Levine to accommodate a friend, Michael Winter, but there was no talk about a finder's fee. Rezko allegedly asked Levine to help Winter get an investment from TRS. Levine called up his friend Jon Bauman, TRS' executive director, and asked him for help
"Did Mr. Rezko explain why?" Prosecutor Chris Niewoehner asked.

"No," Levine responded.
"Did you ask?" Niewoehner pressed.
"No sir," Levine said.
Levine said he didn't need to hear Rezko's reasons. Levine said he was always happy to help Rezko because he knew it would ultimately benefit himself.

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