Rezko trial: Levine Day 7

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Stuart Levine takes the stand again this morning describing yet another telephone call. Jurors heard the lengthy call yesterday between Levine and his longtime friend Robert Weinstein. The two laugh and joke about Levine's efforts to shake people down, his behind-the-scenes control and influence in the public system. Weinstein funneled money for Levine. Levine talks about his control over Jacob Kiferbaum, who owned a construction company and agreed to pay Levine kickbacks for his help securing contracts.

At one point, Weinstein warned Levine not to stay involved in his conduct for too long: “you stay on the stage too long, you get singed.”

Levine also continued his testimony about Tom Rosenberg, whom Levine wanted to shake down for a kickback or a contribution to Gov. Blagojevich, according to charges.

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