Rezko trial: Levine 'amazed' by snorting sounds

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In a morning session that felt more like Stuart Levine was the one on trial, we hear very intricate details of Levine's drug use. He also reveals his day-long drug binges didn't only happen at the Purple Hotel. "On rare occasion," Levine partied at the Drake Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel and the Swiss Grand Hotel, he said.

A couple of highlights:
-- Tony Rezko lawyer Duffy asked Levine whether Levine's secretary heard him snorting Crystal Meth in his office.
"If my snorting was so loud that you could hear me through a wall or door, then I'm quite amazed by the loudness of my snorting," Levine said, not flinching.

Levine: "In order for us to communicate, Mr. Duffy, I would respectfully ask you to explain what you mean by 'out of it'?"
Duffy: "Did you get hhhhigh at these parties," Duffy asked with a sarcastic inflection in the word high. "And when I say high, you know what I mean?"
Levine: "Yes sir.:"

At one point, Levine described drug binges and how he used formed two lines of drugs -- one line of powder form of Special K and another narrow line of Crystal Meth. He'd then mix the two powders together and snort the combination through a short straw. He'd do 10 to 20 hits a night, Levine admitted.
But Levine did draw the line. He'd never drink alcohol with Special K. And he never would smoke or inject the drugs, he said.

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If I were Levine I would never say "never".

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