Rezko trial: 'I'll Take Them Down'

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A second phone call between Bill Cellini and Stuart Levine is played. Cellini sounds agitated as he describes his conversation with Tommy Rosenberg. Levine and Cellini had plotted to shake down Rosenberg for a campaign contribution. Levine testified they did so with the backing of Tony Rezko and Chris Kelly.
When Cellini told Rosenberg he should contribute to the governor if he wanted state business, Rosenberg blew a fuse.
"I’ll take them down," Cellini said Rosenberg told him. Rosenberg was talking about Kelly and Rezko.
"They’re known by the G as to what they’re doing. They’ve got 48 hours, if they’re going to do this to me and think they’re going to blackmail me -- I’m going to take them down," Cellini said Rosenberg told him.

"This is extortion, " Rosenberg continued to Cellini. "It’s known by too many people about what they’re doing. I would never go to those two guys."
Rosenberg then warned Cellini to stay away from Rezko and Kelly, according to the recording played in court.
“When the sky starts falling, everybody who’s associated with these two are going to be drug through the mud.”

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