Rezko trial: How to spend $40,000 in cash a month

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The dance continues between defense lawyer Joseph Duffy and chief witness Stuart Levine with Levine not budging from his insistence that he spent just $2,000 on drugs each month.

Levine tells Duffy he withdrew more than $1 million in cash in a five-year period but he maintains he only spent $2,000 or so on drugs each month. The rest of the cash was spent in a variety of different ways.

Here's some of them:

--$50,000 in December on Christmas gifts.
Levine paid his friend Dr. Weinstein’s secretary $2,500 at Christmas.
"Who got the remaining $47,500?" Duffy asked of the cash spent in December of 2001.

Levine: "Doormen, waiters, secretaries who worked for other people...any number of people who served me in some capacty or another, all around town I made gifts to them," Levine said. "I spent at Christmas time, approximately $50,000 a year, yes sir," Levine said.
-- He also gave his drug buddies "perhaps $100,000 a year", in cash, to help them out when they needed it, including to help them pay tuition and other school costs.
--Levine also said he allegedly paid a $20,000 cash bribe to former Ald. Eddie Vrdolyak. They did not go into specifics over what the alleged bribe was for.
-- Spent $10,000 to $15,000 in off-the-books salary on caretakers to his elderly father. Levine said he spent the exorbitant amount because his father was tough to please. So when he found someone he got along with, he paid for it.

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