Rezko trial: 'He's taken millions from his closest friends'

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Prosecutor Carolyn McNiven argued to Judge Amy St. Eve that Tony Rezko shouldn't be trusted

"He has a ... greater interest now than ever to flee possible incarceration from this case," McNiven said.
"He has quite literally taken million of dollars from people whom he considered his closest friends."

Rezko was able to do that, she said: "Because he is very very good at lying."
It’s not a matter of whether those people will lose their homes and their properties, but how quickly," she said.

Rezko's lawyer, William Ziegelmueller, had a different take.

"I do not believe that after the entire length of this trial you’ve heard any evidence of Rezko taking money from people he loves and who he's sharing holidays with," Ziegelmueller said.
Ziegelmueller said 16 people are posting 19 properties to total $8 million in equity to secure Rezko's bond.

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P.S. Will Ziegelmueller and Duffy be putting up their homes as well, I bet they have nice houses too. Maybe they don't trust their client that much afterall.

His syrian cousin Kevin knows that he will be refunded the bail money, once Tony flees US soil and settles in Syria... I know of a few other criminal fugitives, who are now safely hiding in Syria...

"He has a no greater interest now than ever to flee possible incarceration from this case," McNiven said."

Was that said with a straight face?

Why don't the Fed's look for Alsamarrae in Syria?

McNiven was trying to say that there has never been more reason to keep Rezko behind bars than now. I may have mistyped her quote in my initial post. After checking my notes, I have corrected it.

jp,michigan. Because Alsammarae is sitting cozy in his mansion in Oak Brook,Illinois, interpol has a warrent out for his arrest. Did't you get the '60 Minutes' link Natasha blogged about a week ago,I'm sure it's still available and very interesting. It makes you think maybe Rezko,Mahru,Frawley,Alsammarae should be tried for treason. Anyone who has not seen the 60 Minute report should really look it up and John Batchelor of Human Events "The Obama Files", will give you a greater understanding of what's really at stake here.

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