Rezko trial: Did Rezko really say "You bet?" You bet.

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Joseph Duffy questions Stuart Levine's testimony to prosecutors that he convinced Rezko to back a proposal to pass Mercy Hospital by dangling the possibility of a kickback or campaign contribution.
Rezko was against the Mercy plan, Levine testified, until Levine told him they could make money for themselves or Gov. Blagojevich.
"Rezko didn’t even hesitate, your testimony is, using the words 'you bet?”
Levine agreed.
"Have you ever heard Mr. Rezko use the words 'you bet' ... But this was a unique situation, was it not?" Duffy asked sarcastically.
"Yes sir," Levine said.

Here's more: Read our story for background: Levine: Bribe talk got Rezko to back hospital

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