Rezko trial: Democratic strategist is morning focus

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Gov. Blagojevich’s onetime campaign chairman and former Democratic party national chairman David Wilhelm comes up for much of this morning.
Stuart Levine testifies that Tony Rezko told him to track Wilhelm’s business in front of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board. Rezko allegedly told Levine that the orders came from the governor -- also known as “the Big guy” -- in this trial.

They wanted Wilhelm only to do as well in business as he did in politics for the governor, according to Levine.
After Wilhelm left the governor’s campaign, he had a private enterprise, which worked to get a hospital proposal approved.
“My understanding was that Mr. Wilhelm’s success before the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board would be decided by Mr. Rezko and that would be based upon whether or not he felt Mr. Wilhelm was deserving of whatever the help he was seeking,” Levine testified.
"Mr. Rezko told me that Gov. Blagojevich and Mr. Rezko wanted to keep track of what clients Mr. Wilhelm had before various boards in the state of illinois and they wanted to keep track of what success he had and what success he did not have.”
Levine continued: “And that it should not be taken for granted that Mr. Wilhelm should be successful on anything (before) a board I was on unless I was specifically told by Mr. Rezko that he wanted him to be successful.”
They wanted “to assess the value of Mr. Wilhelm’s contribution to helping Gov. Blagojevich,” Levine said.

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I realize Mr.Duffy is trying to prove that Mr. Levine was too medicated to remember times and places but I think he's proving he was "too medicated" to pull off such an elaborate scheme by himself, not that I have ever doubted Rezkos' participation. I don't think Levine is Rezkos only puppet, there's another wooden headed boy out there we call Govenor.

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