Rezko trial: Broken ankle bonds Loren and Levine

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It was a broken ankle, suffered during a ski accident, that brought two co-conspirators in the Tony Rezko case together.

Steve Loren, who pleaded guilty, is talking about his early relationship with Stuart Levine. Levine was the star witness in the Rezko case, whose many conversations with Loren were captured on secret recordings.

Loren, an attorney for the Teachers' Retirement System, said he knew Levine -- a TRS board member -- for two years before their corrupt relationship began.
It really started in Dec. of 2002. That's when Loren broke his ankle skiing. He said he had to then get to a TRS meeting and hobbled down to the Amtrak train on crutches to get to a board meeting.

"At the meeting, Levine volunteered to fly me back to Chicago," Loren said.
The two both live in Highland Park and started carpooling to work once a week.

Loren then told of how Levine, GOP powerbroker William Cellini and Stuart Levine saved him from an internal investigation when a TRS board member received an anonymous complaint criticizing Loren.

In Sept. 2005, Loren was charged with interfering with the administration with the Internal Revenue Service.

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Will Loren be expected to testify in the Hurtgen case as well?

Well now they'll be sharing ankle braclets in the federal pen.."togetehr again".

Pardon the expression, but those two were "thick as thieves" long before December 2002. As someone who knows Loren, here's a handy guide to when he's lying; whenever he opens his mouth.

"As someone who knows Loren, here's a handy guide to when he's lying; whenever he opens his mouth."

and that would be different from any other lawyer?

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