Rezko trial: Blago once had higher hopes

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Joseph Cari gave some pretty compelling testimony his first day on the stand Tuesday.

Read Chris Fusco's story today: Rezko witness: Gov. Dreamed of White House

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Well this is like a heavy weight fight or a bull fight.

In a heavy wieght fight you hammer the body with punches, Sort of like the Stu levine testimony, then you come back and box with refinement- enter Cari.

In a bull fight you have the Picadores followed by the banderilerros. The Picadores are a ugly mess leaning heavyly on thier polls to tire the bull, like Levine. The banderilleros are fleat of foot and exacting. Rezko is the sacrifical bull to Blago.

Rezko is finished. Should have made a deal.

It's not too late, Blagojevich can run on the Obama ticket for Vice President, then they can make Rezko Secretary of State, Daniel T. Frawley Secretary of Defence, Kelly Attorney General, and Levine Sergeon General. All will be well in the world.

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