Rezko trial: Ata to be called as witness

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Assistant U.S. Attorney Carrie Hamilton told U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve today that the prosecution intends on calling Ali Ata as a witness in Rezko's trial.

In Ata's plea deal, he indicates he gave Rezko $125,000 in cash while he headed the Illinois Finance Authority.

Ata alleges that Rezko on numerous occasions demanded that Ata pay him tens of thousands of dollars in cash. Ata told the government he believed that his job as head of the IFA relied on his ability to please Rezko.

Ali Ata
Ali Ata is expected to testify against Rezko

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This testimony has a familiar ring to it. If you go back to an article written by Chris Fusco and Tim Novak on Aug.7/07. Blogojeviches cheif of staff John Harris directed the stated homeland security advisor, Jill Morganthaler, to find "a military site for the training of Iraqi police forces, Morgenthaler wrote in a April 26,2006 email. She wrote in a letter in June 2006 offering the Savanna site.
Part II of the article tells a wild story of how the home of Maureen Frawley (Sister of Daniel T. Frawley) home was robbed, of $100,000 in cash and three guns. She told police it belonged to her brother Dan.When Dan was questioned he became defensive. Four days later the $100,000 dollars and guns were returned to her doorstep,(without even a note). Although Daniel T. Frawley told police he turned the money over to his lawyer George E.Weaver.
It seems to me in order to get Blagojeviches attention you have anti-up at least a $100,000. April 26,2006 Morganthaler wrote email. April 27,2006 Frawleys house is robbed of $100,000 CASH & 3 guns.

Thank you Sun Times for your reporters and their information - we have no recourse here in Texas - not a word has been written in our paper, The Houston Chronicle. And, there is no recurring information on TV news, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc. I am glad the legal documents are available and can be downloaded as PDF's - thereby telling us what is going on. Rezko's ties to your Gov. and to Obama smack of problems involving money at every level. Oh Chicago! What a problem!

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