Rezko trial: Finish line in sight

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Judge Amy St. Eve just told jurors that the trial is ahead of schedule.

There will be a two-day break from the trial (Tuesday and Wednesday) and then back Thursday morning.
Ali Ata is expected to take the stand Thursday afternoon. Lawyers will meet with the judge tomorrow to talk about the scope of Ata's testimony.

St. Eve told jurors she expects that the prosecution will rest its case early next week, probably Monday.
She also said closing arguments could happen May 12 and May 13.

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So Obama gets away with his involvement! What a crock!

jp,michigan, Look out for when they call Dan Mahru to the stand, he is the Obama link. He was the lawyer for the Companion deal. Dan Frawley corresponded with Seamus Ahern (Obama administrator from his Moline office) for over 6 months, numerous phone calls and emails. Dan Frawley was Rezkos partner, Obama said he never knew that they were partners when they were trying to reestablish the security deal with the Iraq government. Ya, right! Somthing I'm sure Tony forgot to mention.

If, Obama has any involvement financial or other wise, it need to come out, now!

Heads - Rezko runs. Tails - Rezko is convicted and rolls over like a pet dog. Personally I'll take tails. I think Rezko's lawyers already have an idea of the the deal the feds will offer Rezko if he rolls. Why else would he have stuck around this long? I can hardly wait for Ata's testimony, it ought to be whiz bang!

I'm sure all the reporters are looking forward to that however it doesn't seem like the end is in sight.

Hurtgen Starts on Weds.

Cellini, Kjellander and Blago to go.

No, this represents about the first quarter of the trials anyway.

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