Rezko trial: $3.9 million? 'Tony's fine with all of it'

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We hear another secretly recorded phone call first thing this morning. It's between chief witness Stuart Levine and his longtime business partner Bob Weinstein. The call comes in April 2004, just after Levine testified Monday he took Rezko to the Standard Club downtown and told him they both could make big money. Levine told Rezko that Rezko could walk away with $3.9 million.
Levine tells Weinstein of his meeting with Rezko and says a plan to take kickbacks from finder's fees involving a state pension funds will go through:
“Because Tony’s fine with all of it.”
Levine told Weinstein: "He said, 'well what do you need to proceed?' I said, your permission."

That conversation backs up Levine's testimony yesterday where he described how Rezko responded to the $3.9 million proposal.

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Wonder if Obama was at any of these parties?


Do you realize NOBODY has found ANY FAVOR Obama did for Rezco, EVER.

NOBODY has said Obama has bought his house for ANYTHING but a FAIR PRICE. Give me a break here.

Look at the donors to Hillary's first campaign for Senate. These were the TWO BIGGEST Senate Campaign Finance Fraud Cases EVER. Look at the people Bill Clinton surrounds himself with.

Hillary promised donors to her campaign last year that those that donate early will have "additional access" to the Hillary Clinton White House, she admitted this, they have the documents.

Please don't try and make the case that Obama is more bought and sold than Hillary and McCain.

Jack W, WHY are you flipping out? They are reporting on the REZKO trial, I do not see where they mentioned Obama being involved in anything...yet WHY are you even mentioning Clinton? What does SHE have to do with Rezko? NOTHING!

Wait, I though Obama paid something like $300K less than the asking price, while Mrs. Rezko bought the lot next door (which had been offered with the Obama house) for the asking price.

And then she sold him a chunck of it at a bargain price.

Somehow, I think this does reflect a less than fair price on the house. Why did he get a bargain, when Mrs. R didn't? And why would she carve off a chunk of her lot and sell it to him cheap?

Maybe she's just a lousy bargainer. Maybe.

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