Rezko trial: Rezko swept for bugs

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Witness Chuck Hannon testifies that Tony Rezko told him he periodically hired professionals to check if his phone was tapped.

Hannon told of another interesting conversation allegedly that took place between himself and Rezko in Rezko's home.

"He asked me if I knew that even that my cell pone was turned off, conversations could be listened to. I said, really? That strikes me ... I was surprised," Hannon said.

"He told me, the way to deal with that was to take the battery out."
"What did he do? " Prosecutor Reid Schar asked. "He took the battery out ... of his cell phone," Hannon said. "I didn’t have any reason to take the battery out of my cell phone."

Hannon gave the testimony after telling the jury Rezko arranged for Hannon to receive $80,000 consulting fee for doing nothing on a state pension deal.

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I'll bet that if Richia Daley wasn't taking his battery out of his cell phone before, he will start after reading this one...

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