Rezko freed on bond

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By Natasha Korecki
Federal Courts Reporter/

After spending 2 1/2 months in a downtown federal lockup, Tony Rezko will be allowed free to spend nights in his Wilmette mansion, a judge ruled this afternoon. The decision came after more than a dozen individuals pledged equity in their homes to secure Rezko's bond.
Rezko will be kept under home arrest and on electronic monitoring.
Friends and famiy stepped forward to post more than $8 million in property equity and an additional Rezko’s wife, Rita, put up another $380,000 in cash as insurance that Rezko will not flee.
Both Rita Rezko and Tony Rezko spoke to the judge in open court, under oath, and swore to the amount of assets they own and vowed to tell the judge of any new money that came to them.
U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve issued her ruling this afternoon.
The pledge of $8 million is $6 million more than what friends and family posted on Rezko’s behalf in 2006.
It appears that behind closed doors, St. Eve has cleared up some issues tied to a $3.8 million wire transfer Rezko didn’t disclose to the court last year. Most of that money went toward legal fees, according to St. Eve.
"My decision is based in part in the significant number of individuals from the community coming forward, knowing full well that they will lose it if you fail to come to court and comply with conditions of the bond," St. Eve said.
If Rezko flees: "You will leave me no choice to foreclose on these 30 individuals and take, what is in some instances, is their entire life savings," she said. "$8 million Is a very very high bond. Certainly one of the higher I have ever seen set in this building."

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It's amazing the things you can accomplish when you have a sponcer like Auchi and Alsammarae, this is pocket change for them. I can only hope they keep a very close eye on him and his family. Alsammarae escaped from a jail in Iraq, I think they can now arrange an escape from Rezkos' home in Wilmette. Does he live on the lake?

I think that they should look at these friends who put up their homes for his bond. Did they do this so he won't spill the beans on them? Sort of hush money to get him home to his family.

It's shocking to have a judge so gullible... It's definitely pocket change for this crook who could end up spending the rest of his life in jail... The friends that bailed him out are most likely relatives and friends of his and of Syrian or middle eastern origins, and to whom he was a benefactor, no doubt! I was born in that zip code and I know their "Modus Operandi"... He must still have a Syrian passport or could easily obtain one, even if his US passport was taken away... I have seen so many criminals like him flee the country on their native countries passports...
I can assure you that he will flee to Lebanon or Syria where he could never be extradited back to the Judge's chambers...

Bye Bye Rezko--next that crazy judge will see of him will be photos from Syria. Rezko has already liquidated his US holdings. The 'friends' must have already been indemnified bu Rezko cohorts or else they are gulliable fools as Rezko has never hesistated to steal from or ruin his friends if there was benefit for himself in doing so.

Nice for Obama though--Rezko's flight will put paid to the next set of witnesses who are all set to implicate Obama as a Rezko faciliator during Obama's Chairmanship of the Illinois Legislature's Hospitals Committee which had oversight of the various contracts handed out by Rezko!

I don't think St.Eve is gullible at all, I think St.Eve and Fitzgerald are giving Rezko just enough rope to hang himself. He did it before he'll do it again. We all have to wait and see, we have to trust that the feds are watching Rezko, Mahru, Frawley, Alsammarae and interpol is watching Auchi. Let the fed's watch them and we will wait and see. I wish I had some pop-corn, Garrett's, cheese and carmel mix, that would be great!

Tony Rezko was in Syria when he got charged, he came back because he believe he's inicent and wanted to defend himself.
He could have stayed there, saved his money and lived like a king never to have to suffer.. HE CAME BACK VOLUNTEERALY. can we stop been ignorant about all important issues in this country?????????


"he's inicent" I'm not sure this trial reads like that. Perhaps his ego is getting in the way of reality. Kind of like the way his ego got in the way of his business dealings. Rememebr the G.E. Capital claim against him? I suppose that he did nothing there as well?

I love this; "most of the $3.8MM went toward legal fees"- so that's what the defense of an innocent man costs these days...

Sally, He came back because he had Blagojevich,Obama and who knows who else on his payroll. Rezko beleived he was untouchable and probably still does. He hired the best lawyer in the state and most likely the country, does that tell you somthing. And lets not forget his close friend Alsammarae, if all else fails he can always "escape Chicago style".

people by nature loves it when a rich man falls, and usually they dont have mercy on him..
Rezko had to have the best lawyers there is.. what would you think if you were him? they gave levine who could get life in prison a deal to help convict rezko who if he gets max he will get 10 years. that doesn't make sense they don't want to convict the bad people it s a political game and Obama's head is the target think about it. think Alabama's governor story? connect the similarity

Sally, What are you talking about. First of all Rezko is not "rich". It's all just Bull Sh*t and Bravado. This has nothing to do with politics at all. There are just as many republicans in this mess as there are democrates. It has to do with corruption (period).

Obama is not the target. The target is a corrupt Illinois Gov. This si "pay-to-play on steriods". Rezko is just a pimp who was trying to buy his way in. He didn't have the cash to do it honestly so he started to use "finder's fees".

This has nothing to do with Obama-it has to do with GREED.

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