And he's ever-present everywhere

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Stuart Levine has left the building but he has not left the courtroom.
Levine, the star witness against Rezko, is heard on tape this morning and his name comes up repeatedly as lawyer Joseph Duffy questions attorney Joseph Cari.

In one discussion that Cari recalled before jurors, Levine took index cards out of his pocket and took down notes from what Cari shared with him. At the time, in 2003, Levine was a client of Cari's law firm and Cari's law partner often pushed him to keep Levine appeased.
But Duffy tried showing that in meetings with Cari, Levine tried to come off as important, by dropping names.
"He told you that over those years he and Mr. Rezko had several business transcations together?" Duffy asked.
Cari:"That’s what he told me."
Duffy: "You have no idea if he was lying?"
Cari: "No."
But Levine was lying about it. We know that from Levine, who testified he met Rezko for the first time in late 2002 and was developing a relationship with him in 2003.

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What more?? what more someone needs to see that Levine is setting Rezko up? shame on you levine .. no wonder rezko didn't make a deal.. he s not s more clear every day

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