Iraqi connection

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A 60 Minutes report Sunday evening that focused on corruption in Iraq mentioned a Chicago area man with connections to Tony Rezko. He is Aiham Alsammarae, former minister of electricity in Iraq who was jailed on corruption charges. He somehow escaped prison there and is back living in a Chicago suburb.
A court filing in the Rezko case indicated that prosecutors in a closed session alleged that Rezko had paid Alsammarae a $1.5 million bribe in connection with an Iraqi power plant deal, which ultimately never happened.

Read the transcript and watch the video of the 60 Minutes Report: Iraq: State of Corruption

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Just because the deal didn't go through, dosn't mean Rezko & Daniel T. Frawley of Companion Security with the help of Mahru didn't try. Alsammarae, was the head of the Iraqi power plant deal, he was tried for corruption in Iraq and found guilty. You can read more and in great detail about the deal, google (John Batchelor of Human Events - The Obama Files).

Is there any further known information concerning Sen. Obama's connection to this man? Back in March Newsweek starting digging around the relationship and mentioned that after some reluctance Obama's campaign "released e-mails" from October 2006 between his U.S. Senate office and U.S. officials "on behalf" of Alsammarae, who was still "imprisoned in Iraq." Obama did this apparently after he was sent a request by Alsammarae's nephew. I find it amazing that the Sen. would get involved based soley on the request of a nephew and no other connection. Except now we hear that Rezko and Alsammarae knew each other. What a coincidence. Is there any link between this man and Obama's alleged plan to have Iraqi security forces trained in Il.?

Hanna, please google and read "John Batchelor of Human Events, The Obama Files". There are a total of 4 articles that will answer alot of questions you may have, and the rest of the questions we will have to wait and watch the Rezko Trial.

How long will it take to get to the truth about Obama and his connection to these players?

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