Rezko trial: Vrdolyak comes up again

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Much of the afternoon was spent listening to more tapes of Stuart Levine.
In many of the overheard conversations, Levine continues to talk about the kind of power he wields behind the scenes when it comes to investing billions of dollars in state funds.
At one point, he pushes for a larger investment into a firm operated by William Cellini. He did it, he said, because he wanted a business he with which he was connected to get a share of the money.
Levine again brought up Vrdolyak, saying Vrdolyak allegedly agreed to act as a "vehicle" to shepherd a finder's fee from another company, Capri capital.

At one point, Levine said he tried to use his clout with Rezko to his advantage.
"When I was in Eddie Vrdolyak’s office talking about matters, I told my secretary, “hold my calls for awhile, unless Tony Rezko calls.”
"I told that story to Tony Rezko, at the Standard Club dinner, when I told him that anecdote, he thought it was amusing," Levine said.

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