Ex-inmate helps free Rezko from jail

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Mystery still surrounds Aiham Alsammarae, a onetime Iraqi official who fled from an Iraqi jail in 2006 after he was convicted on corruption charges there. Alsammarae lives in Oak Brook. Alsammarae and Rezko's friendship goes back decades. It became most evident last week, when court records showed that Alsammarae put up more than one-third of the property value to secure Rezko's bond.
Documents obtained by the Sun-Times raise questions over Alsammarae's status as a fugitive. They indicate that his conviction was vacated but he may be retried. However, an Interpol warrant remains active against Alsammarae. Alsammarae has maintained his innocence and says the charges against him are false.

The Sun-Times reported the story exclusively today : Fugitive puts up homes to spring Tony Rezko

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Here is the John Batchelor of Human Events article that gives complete back round on AlSammarae and his connection to Rezko.
Alsammarae was sentenced to 14 years in Iraq.
Stole $650 million dollars from the people of the United Sates & Iraq.
4" file of crimes.
Ministry of Electric 2003 to 05.
Dual citgizenship.
Armed men broke him out of jail from the green zone.
Iraqi officials contacted F.B.I., and they told them to contact Interpol.
AlSammarae introduced himself deep in the Bush administration, photo taken of Bush & Alsammarae in Oval office 9/22/03.
And on and on and on, read the link!!

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