Rove, Kjellander deny Fitzgerald plot

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Prosecutors want Tony Rezko jurors to hear about alleged plot to overthrow U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

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I just found an interesting web-site for anyone who is interested;
NOT kidding, they're waiting for your vote.

Sorry, I listed the wrong address it's: impeachblago not impeachblagojevich.

What were they going to admit it? Like these guys, Rove and Kjellander, have any credability. What a joke.

Kjellander should take his $1 million he got from Hurtgen and head to some South American country. oh wait, I'm sorry $500K he gave the rest to Rezko!

What's amazing is the guy is a major GOP operative! Since when was it ok in politics to play both sides of the fence?

Rove, Kjellander are lying!

Marty Didier
Northbrook IL

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