Rezko trial: Scheme with a Hollywood Producer

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Another series of phone calls are played this afternoon.
But one new revelation, Stuart Levine said that a Hollywood Producer (of Million Dollar Baby) forgave a debt in exchange for Levine's help in getting a $220 million investment for his company, Capri Capital.
Levine said after he was able to push through the investment with Teachers' Retirement System (Levine sat on the board), Rosenberg told him to forget about a lobbying fee.
"I was at the time paying Mr. Rosenberg $50,000 to lobby on CompDent’s behalf," Levine said. Levine had hired Rosenberg to represent CompDent, a company Levine had an interest in.
"Mr. Rosenberg ultimately agreed I no longer had to pay him that money."
Levine is accused of shaking down Rosenberg.

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