Obama bomb dropped

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When Tony Rezko held a reception at his home for Iraqi-born billionaire Nadhmi Auchi on April 3, 2004, White House hopeful Barack Obama and his wife were also there, Stuart Levine testified just now at Rezko's trial.

Auchi is the man who provided Rezko a $3.5 million loan that Rezko did not disclose to the court -- resulting in his January arrest.
"Mr. and Mrs. Obama were there, were they not?" Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy asked.
"Yes, sir," Levine said.
Obama and his aides have said Obama has no recollection of ever meeting Auchi.
Rezko invited Levine to the reception after the two met up with each other during a family vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Rezko had to leave early to arrange for the reception, Levine testified. So Levine offered to rent a larger jet and fly Rezko's wife and children back to Chicago. That night, they all attended the reception.

The reception was aimed at getting Auchi interested in investing in Illinois, Levine said.

(Blagojevich with Auchi)

Levine testified that Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn was there.
"The governor was a no-show?" Duffy asked.
Levine: "I don’t know that he was a no-show. I seem to recall..."
Duffy: "Was Gov. Blagojevich present?"
Levine: "Uh, no sir."

That reception has raised questions over whether Auchi should have been allowed into the United States because of legal problems he's faced overseas. Auchi, who lives in London, was named one of the wealthiest men in the world by Forbes Magazine.

This is a different reception than one held at the Four Seasons Hotel, where Blagojevich was present.
Here's the Sun-Times story on the Rezko-Auchi relationship and the hotel reception:

The Feb. 28 story: Tony Rezko's billionaire buddy

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I would like to believe the fact of Obamas bomb but we need certain proof to elaborate the claim. I live in Kankakee I must know the real score.

Do we really know Obama? He is packaged as a reform politician that transforms race and has extraordinary judgement and that seems refreshing to most Americans. But do we really know Obama? We have fanatical international enemies that want to kill Americans (from non-religious liberals to religious conservatives). Can we trust that Obama has the proper judgement to deal and negotiate with our enemies. I live in Chicago and am all too aware of the dirty political corrupt politics that dominate here. His decades long association with Rezko is more elaborate than just purchasing his own personal residence with him. This shows a poor lack of judgement on Obama's part which is troubling and downright scary if he is going to be our leader that makes life or death decisions on a daily basis. I challeng our young voters to investigate and properly analyze this candidate further (beyond Obama's inspiring speeches). In this democracy, voting is not only a priveledge, but also a responsibility. A responsible voter's job is to personally investigate the candidate before pulling that lever.

I would like to know where Obama got all his money. We know the Clintons have a History and believe you me it was all brought out in the eight years he was president. It had nothing to do with the security of our country. I think you're right this will be brought out if he is elected over Hillary so that John Mc Cain will be our next president. I have never seen so much support by the big money men for Obama . The media is even for him . Do they get paid too? Are we going to let the delegates , like we did the courts, elect our president. There is someone out there that knows the truth. If it is untrue I would sure like to know about Rezko involment with Obamo. I just want to see a good honest president.

Mysterious London-based billionaire in the background at Rezko


I'm sure some of you know who Emil Jones and some of the players are.

Well I agree this is a big problem for Obama based on the fact he said he never met Auchi and this testimony says otherwise. And the fact that Auchi gave Rezko $3.5 million right before the Obama house and lot deal which is the only way the lot could have been bought, is a big issue.

But the article/blog was poorly written to add these facts as to why this is actually a bomb. Anyone not in the loop would read this and think this is no bomb and based on what you wrote, they would be right.

Given all the facts, it shows he is a liar and the connections with dirty money runs deep.

When you are running for office, and are "invited" to an event, there is a 100% certainty that you are introduced to the host and the key people there, especially the ones with money. Obama is a smooth liar, as demonstrated by his immmediate lie when the bitter story broke. (I did not say that), which changed quickly when it became known to his camp that audio existed.

I suspect not only was Obama formally introduced to Auchi, but staged photographs exist. Just like Hillary "did not meet" Norman Chu. The potential for blackmail in the future will exist.

Obama has an entire history of unsavory characters in his past, from the Weathermen, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Saul Alinsky devotees, not to mention his "church" affiliation. Its a nice fairy tale he presented, but doesn't play well when scrutinized.

This is one of many reasons obama's campaign has pushed so hard for Hillary to drop out of the race. They are just scared to death of all the many skeletons in his closet plus the way his arrogant attitude slips up every now and then.

Once again history repeats itself. Senator Obama admits he made a "boneheaded" move in his relationship with Tony Rezko. Curiously, Mr. Obama denounced Rev. Wright's infammatory rhetoric,but does not disown his "mentor". May I suggest that is a "boneheaded" decision. I have what some Obama supporters might call a "boneheaded" question. To what degree has Obama's political and religious beliefs FUSED with Rev. Wright? Finally, how many more "boneheaded" decisions will be uncovered in the future?

Will be glad when Obama is out of the race....he is a racist...excuse me I am just a typical white that believes in the right to bear arms and I have my faith.....BYE OBAMA!

Why did the lawyer ask Levine if Obama was at the party? How is it relevant to the case? Perhaps there is something more in store.


We're so tired of rehashing vague innuendo from a desperate press in endless gotcha/gotta sell a paper or I'm out of a job mode.

We're so done with stories that try so hard to lump a minor event in with so many major events. Help us understand why this matters at all, given the connections of the clintons or mccains to several strange folks including rezko and abramoff. Shady folks who want to hitch their wagon to a star, even if it's just to be in the same airspace? Help us understand how these connections distort the abilities of the clintons, mccains and obamas to do the people's business. Otherwise, you are wasting our time.

Obama was cleared by a republican department of justice investigation, and Auchi has acknowledged not meeting Obama. "On the 20th anniversary of his business in 1999, Mr Auchi received a greeting card signed by 130 politicians, including Tony Blair, William Hague and Charles Kennedy, who were then leaders of their respective parties. Defence lawyers said that Mr Auchi lent the $3.5 million for legal and family expenses. Most of the money had gone directly to law firms and there had been no attempt to flee. “While the Government attempts to besmirch Mr Auchi’s character,” they said, “he is one of Britain’s wealthiest men, has been a guest at the White House and met with two of the last three presidents, was Co-Chair of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, is President of the Anglo-Arab Organisation, and has received numerous awards and honorary positions from heads of state, including Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II, and King Abdullah II of Jordan.”" http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/us_elections/article3284825.ece

the point is that its all connected. it is a puzzle with missing pieces and they are all interwound around obamas throat.how many things can he talk himself out of, before somebody with real authority says something about you obama stinks ? the day is coming, maybe the court wants to hear from obama. you know those attorneys know how to trip up a liar like obama. in fact, the lead attorney in rezko's case put away scooter libby and even bush couldnt save him. if this hits the msm and they bite on it,obama can kiss his lying ass back to the streets of chicago, and all his followers with him, good riddance !

So where exactly is the Obama bomb in this story? This is so lame.

How can this be a lead story? Have you been to party and knew everyone there.. No! In addition, what does this prove. What was the Clintons doing with Rezko?


Lets everyone get together and tell the truth.. Clintons said the same thing.

Consider the source:


The witness is an RNC/Bush contributor on the record. Who knows what else.

April, you are sharp. Pretty good deduction I'd say.

Posted by: April | April 14, 2008 05:06 PM

What I find interesting is that Rezko's lawyer is the one who brought up Obama today, asking Levine,"Mr and Mrs Obama were there, were they not?"..Did Rezko have his lawyer ask that as a "name dropper" or are they planning on implicating Obama too in case they need to make a deal or something??? Something is mighty strange about the timing of that and why..Any ideas anyone?? BTW, I'm neutral but interested..

Uh...Where's the bomb shell? He attended a party with a bunch of unfamiliar faces. This elections is really becoming silly, seriously. Who hasn't attended a party with strangers..please. Cannot reporters do some real reporting.

lol...you obamabots really take the cake. "Where's the bomb" indeed!

Don't worry, judging by the rest of your flock, you'll reach anger soon enough!

Truly amazing. Does anyone really believe that Senator Obama and his wife, Michelle, went to a party and was not introduced to the guest of honor, Mr. Auchi. You are included on the guest list for this type of reception for a purpose. Obama was an up and coming politician. Therefore, he would have been introduced to the guest of honor. I suspect there are pictures of this reception somewhere which will show Senator Obama meeting Mr. Auchi.

The problem, once again, is not whether he met the man...but...that he is probably not telling the truth about it. One more thing for him to clear up.

Drip...Drip...Drip!! Each day he becomes more and more unelectable in the national election.

Obama is a liar, plain and simple. How many lies can this man keep telling before the DNC realizes he is sinking their battleship. He cannot win the general election. The Republicans are going to tear him to shreds for all his lies. And, there will be more McCain Democrats than Reagan ever had. He's going down faster than he rose.

What I find interesting is that Rezko's lawyer is the one who brought up Obama today, asking Levine,"Mr and Mrs Obama were there, were they not?"..Did Rezko have his lawyer ask that as a "name dropper" or are they planning on implicating Obama too in case they need to make a deal or something??? Something is mighty strange about the timing of that and why..Any ideas anyone?? BTW, I'm neutral but interested..

Oh, you don't like Hilary now because she acts like a princess? Well, I love Hilary now because she can toss back a shot of Crown Royal!

I voted for Obama. I WANT MY VOTE BACK.
Seat our delegates from Michigan and Florida. What is OBAMA afraid of, Michelle? Who said to him "don't mess this up buddy".

If we all read the same article and the question was were the Obama's present and the answer was yes, where is the big deal? Was the question did Barack meet Auchi? No. People let's have common sense. When I go to parties I do not meet everyone that is present. Whether it is a high class function or reg. parties, I don't know everyone. Please find the bomb!

Listen to yourself. The story once again is Obama can't recall or Obama doesn't remember, how about W.O.R.M. (What Obama Really Meant). You glorified saviour has the same fallacies as the rest of the population. If he didn't do anything wrong, why not admit that he met the man? Why not admit that you called midwesterners bigots? That's the part of his remarks he can't explain away with the bitter and clinging to guns. He aptly forgets to finish explaining why the turn to antipathy (aversion or dislike) of those who aren't like you. This is the part of his remarks he chooses not to address and frankly can't explain away.

Oh, by the way, Michelle Obama said that we live in isolation and fear one another and that Barack would never allow us to go back to our lives as usual, uninvolved and uninformed. When are you going to realize that they continue to insult you?

And what does this have to do with the election? Even if Obama did meet Auchi, there is no report of them doing business with each other. Come on four years ago who would have taken a black man running for Pres. Of The US serious enough to invest in him? Lets think about this people!

The point is he lied about meeting Auchi. To all the people that say it is normal to forget people you meet at a party, let me ask you this. Would you forget meeting the person the party was thrown for? Would you forget meeting this person if you knew he was one of the richest men in the world?

I never trusted Obama. The truth will be dug up by the Republicans in the general election. The Dem and Rep are both terrible. I'm voting for the Green Party.

This means nothing. It will take more than this NON story to Dethrone the next president of the United states. NEXT!

This will not be the first time that Obama's name will come up in this trial. Whether you Kool-aid drinkers like it or not, Obama couldn't have bought his house without the aid of Rezko's corrupt funding. Obama lied about his connection with Rezko in the beginning and then wanted us to chuckle it off with him when he described it as a "boneheaded" move. Oh, laugh riot that was.

I think he has a problem "clinging" to boneheaded moves.


Clinton and McCain have their share of shady characters, but they also have significant public record that has been examined and reexamined. For such a short public career, a legislative paper trail that Judicial Watch says is deliberately non-existent and such meager accomplishments, Barack Obama has some intersting friends and plugged into big money real fast.

Sure wish he tried to accomplish something significan along the way.

Well here we go. Who knows if this guy is even telling the truth about Obama being there.
Even if he was did he take $$ from the Iraqi millionaire? You guys need to quit undermining the man who will be the Dem nominee. If you really want dirt on somebody you can find mounds of it on the Clintons. I used to be excited about Hillary running for Pres. but when she started acting like a princess who deserved the presidency just cause her name was Clinton she turned me right off. Any woman who supports her is just the same kind of woman ... the ones who always think of themselves as the princess. Obama is ahead in all areas of the primary process. The Clintons aren't political Gods who can reverse or change the rules. The rules that Obama is running on are the SAME rules that Clinton has to run on. SO THERE!

This so called story is BS. I read it and now I'm mad because I want to know where is the bomb! This is it. I won't watch anymore news what so ever for the feast of the year.

America does not want to wake up until it will be too late. It is a fact that we do not know anything about Obama because he has been shield by the media. It is high time that the media quits playing favorites and does the peoplea favor of really scrutinizing the candidates throughly so that we the people can make a wise decision. This has not been the case with Obama we only hear his speeches on how the whole world is going to change and unfortunately some voters are too gullible and believe him. This is a very important election we are not choosing an american idol, but a president for this nation.

OOOHHHHHHHHHHH!! Obama was at a party with some guy. You guys are so desperate to get your stupid rag on the national stage that you will make ANYTHING a big deal. God forbid you focus on real news...there is a reason why your paper is in trouble.....

Only desperate people would look on this as the great bomb. Five years ago a man gave a party to which all Illinois elected officials were invited and guess what, an Illinois state senator went to it. Blah Blah Blah. He never said he didn't know Rezko. Rezko was tight with the governor and all politicians in Illinois knew him. He said he didn't work for Rezko beyond the five hours Obama's boss did some related work. Rezko raised donations for Obama and other Illinois politicians, but when Obama found out Rezko was in trouble, he gave that money to charity. Obama sat down last month with full bank of reporters from two prominent Chicago newspapers and let them ask any and all questions until they didn't have anymore. They said he was clean. There is no scandal here, only wishful thinking by opponents.

And in the beginning there was nothing to Watergate either - and had it not been for 2 outstanding reporters Nixon would have kept his crown. Thank you Reporters!! You are doing an excellent job and this country (although some don't realize it) is in your debt.
Wonder why this is news: rezkowatch.com

Earlier this year I went to a reception for Obama. guess who I DIDN'T meet?

Wow, this bomb is about as good as the sniper's bullets shooting at Hillary. Christ he was at the same party as the guy wow. I was once at a party Michael Jordan was at, therefore he must know who I am.

WOW! He met a man at a party and then later said he didn't remember meeting him. If this becomes proof of a crime many of us are f*$ked.

Hmmmmm...thanks for the information but I gotta say Huh?

As for trolling into the Tribune the editorial board said that his meeting with them and the level of his disclosure set a new standard for people running for office.

On the other hand we've got a candidate running who's married to a man taking money to prompt a deal she's against, which means she living off the proceeds while talk the thing down. We don't have space to talk about all of McCain's "entanglements." Remember sweet children, our current administration is so in bed with so many bad men in Saudi Arabi, Iraq, and Iran it just ain't funny.

Bitter? Cynical? Not us no damn way!

Thank You for doing some reporting to vet a presidential nominee - keep up the great work! It seems the task that the media normally has - that of vetting a presidential nominee - is falling to only a few fair, balanced, and talented reporters. Congratulaions - you're one of them! On behalf of American voters - Thank you!

Excuse me, but what is the point of this post? Did Obama do anything wrong at this party? It seems to me this is nothing more than an excuse to once again dredge up the old news that Rezko and Obama knew each other and ran in the same political circles. Obama has been linked with NO WRONGDOING in regards to Rezko. Why don't you bury this dead dog?

The only bomb is this article, followed by your future profits. Not sure I'll ever read the Sun Times again.

Wake up - all the democrats that really want to win the white house back. Super-delegates. The time is now to stop this. There is no way Obama will win the white house in Nov. His pastor - the bitter statement, and now this. Obama supports- wake up and get a grip. This is no longer about the Clintons and Obama. This is about winning the White House. Having a first term senator - who basically run becasue the Ill republicatn party was non-existence. Winning agains a clown, making a speech, and now we expect him to be strong enough against the republican machine. Wake up - he does not even need clinton or mccain to make him seem week. He is doing it to himself.

You Hillary trolls can keep dreaming. There's no "there" there, no matter how many times you hyperventilate.

This merely shows the strategy behind the scenes to discredit Obama and scare the American Public into thinking he is secretly something else.

Above all it distract Americans from focusing on real issues facing the future of our country and where the candidates stand on those issues.

What is interesting is that Obama dodged meeting with the Chicago reporters until he was forced to when the Rev. Wright situation broke. At the time of the meeting he acknowledged that instead of the $50-60,000 that he said Rezko contributed to his campaign he had made a mistake. It was $250,000. That is a big oops! What also concerned me, and no one has asked, is how if Rezko had been awarded the money to rehab those houses in Obama's low rent district, then never did, why he did not pose the question to his pal Rezko of how that money was being spent. They seemed to continue their friendship and he assisted Obama in purchasing a home. What do you get for $250,000?

That's Change that is full of BS.

How big a bomb this is time will tell - but it is a bomb partly because Obama is yet again caught in a lie. Why hide the relationship with Rezko if there really is nothing to it. Obama trolls into the Chicago papers during the Wright scandal to admit to receiving 250,000 from him - when at least 5 times before stated numbers far less? Nadhmi Auchi should have been a memorable name for Obama -

Fear and hate mongers - God help us all. I thought we got a bit more intelligent over the last eight years. People read one article and believe it! Does anyone do research anymore? I doubt it, otherwise Bush wouldn't be in the White House again would he? God please Bless Americans, they need it badly.

I agree this is a road neither Clinton nor McCain should go down. Both are connected to various people with shady dealings (Have you all forgotten all the allegations about the Clinton's during the 90's? What about the Keating 5 and the birthday wishes McCain sent to Joesph Bonanno?)

Thanks Lin. Look we get it. You don't like Obama and your candidate of choice is also human and has made her share of mistakes. I'm noticing the character traits of most of Hillary Clinton's supporters. Just like she has attempted to bash this man over the head because her numbers have been shrinking in PA, you as a supporter of hers is looking for dirt on this man. Now don't underestimate his supporters too. We have a ticking time bomb that we can use as I write this piece. Because we are supporting a candidate who doesn't believe in blooding his opponent of the same party as unfortunately your candidate does, which shows she could care less about the Democratic Party as a whole, we as supporters are choosing not to drop this bomb but to let the real issues affecting this country take center stage. Now as Lin stated, in the process of attempting to destroy Obama, you will certainly dig a bigger hole for your girl Hillary. So just be careful.

Non story but i'm sure the headlines will sell papers to readers who will be disappointed by the headlines that mislead them.



Oooooooohhh... Obama met some wealthy man from Iraq. That's it: it's over for Barack (as it is for every politician who has ever met a potentially shady character: luckily Clinton and McCain don't have that problem). Thank goodness that we can defy the basic rules of logic: no, to hell with rules for good thinking--the gold standard for us is the guilt-by-association fallacy. Sure it's a fallacy, which means that it's faulty reasoning, which means that we'd be foolish to accept it as evidence. But no, no, no: these rules don't apply to the political arena, where stupidity rules supreme.

This was in 2005.
Ok. you list everyone that ever attended the same party your went to.
Were you introduced to them, or were you just there.
See how the testimony was interupted by the prosecuter?
You are pretty pathetic.
Why wasn't the witness asked if he ever OBSERVED, them talking to each other or having been introduced to them formally??


extremely weak.

Hilarious to act as if you are really "dropping a bomb".

attending a reception does not mean you meet everyone there. Sorry.

Once again, Senator Obama lies about his knowledge of or presence at certain events (stinks of "I didn't really know Rezko..." BS that he fed the public until he couldn't any longer). This will be his undoing, along with everything else.

There is no way he can win the GE with all of this surrounding him and the Democratic Party is realizing that!

so where does this testimony say that obama and auchi ever met?

Didn't Obama already disclose this during his "tell all" interview with the Tribune and the Sun Times last month? Or is this a different event from the one he said he attended.

Obama's chickens are coming home to roost!

Faster than I thought too. One would have expected this kind of stuff to come out closer to the general after Obama bamboozled the masses during the primaries.

And the walls come tumbling down...

Wait! I watched one of the debates and Obama specifically said the he barely knew Mr. Rezko and that he had only done about five(5) hours of work for him once. Now I hear this and that Mr. Rezko's wife bought the lot next door to Obama's house for Senator Obama's use? It appears Senator Obama wants transparency in our government when it is convenient for him. WHAT ELSE DO WE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS GUY????

So, what's the story??? Please tell me that Obama did some sort of favor for this foreigner....

I'm amazed how stupid people are on these blogs. OH MY GOD HE ATTENDED A EVENT -- no kidding he already said he was connected to Rezko. SO WHAT!!!!!!!!! Obama hasn't done anything wrong or illegal. This trail isn't about OBAMA!!! Wake up stupid people!!!

This issue is so overblown and over spun and over played. I'm tired of the all this. Know wonder we get leaders like Bush in the White House and liars like the Clintons making a joke of integrity and trustworthiness.

Obama went to a party for this guy at Rezko's house but he doesn't remember every meeting him?

I will grant you the man probably goes to lots of parties. But this was in '04, when Obama would be courting people with lots of money, people like Rezko and an Iraqi billionaire Rezko knew.

I don't think this is too positive for Obama...

On the other hand, it may divert the focus away from thie "poor white trash" remarks!

ARE U KIDDING?? What a weak attempt to keep our next real president out of office. He was also a city hall in Chicago one of the most corrupt places in Illinois. Let's break into this evenings programming! Thats has to be the lead story this week!!


um...Anton? Yeah, you can be incensed about the most corrupt Saddam enablers ever to walk this earth - if your list begins with Donald Rumsfeld. This bomb is nothin' like the ones Rummy dropped.

The statment was that he worked for Rezko, and he stated that he did 5 hours of work for him, not that he didn't know him....get your facts straight....and before you think this is a bomb shell on Obama you need to check out all the other Political figures that are directly or indirectly tied to Rezko!!!!

You may not want to go down this road!

Looks as if Obama derailed his own election effort a couple years ago. Associating with an Iraqi billionaire who made his money selling arms to Saddam Hussein will not endear him to the voters. Yeah, this is a bomb, might take a couple days to click.

Are you sure this wasn't written by Lynn Sweet? It sure sounds like it.

That was the weakest "bomb" I ever seen. Is that the best you've got. Maybe I missed something. What's the big deal? They attended a reception at Rezkos... and? Can someone please explain the bomb part to me.

what a dud this"bomb" is.

The headline said, "Obama bomb dropped". Then I read the "article" and all it said is that Obama went to a reception! What is wrong with you?????? The Suntimes is garbage.

Gee. A party at the mansion with the Mrs? Is that the same Obama who told us during the debate he only knew of Rezko as someone he did 5 hours worth of work for as a grunt in a law firm? Guess he goes to an awful lot of fancy parties. Easy to confuse. Good thing Auchi came up with that loan for Rezko - maybe it left him with some timely cash to help out on that lot.

Somethings tells me that the Sun-times is trying to sabotage Obama presidential bid. Try report some serious news next time.

Did I miss something? Where's the Obama bomb?

Keep it coming Natasha, this could be the bomb that de-crowns Obama. Hello, Hillary you will be the Democratic nominee for President.

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