Non-Rezko trial over

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We heard about Obama, Blagojevich, David Wilhelm, Nadhmi Auchi, William Cellini, Bob Kjellander and don't forget Stuart Levine.

Today though, the allegations actually fall squarely on the defendant = Tony Rezko.

In so many words, witness Charles Hannon said Rezko offered he and his wife, Fortunee Massuda, a quid pro quo involving Gov. Blagojevich's controversial proposal to lease the Thompson Center. Rezko, who at the time owed the couple $7 million, offered to sign on Massuda as a consultant for whomever signed up to lease the State of Illinois Building -- known as the Thompson Center. Hannon said Rezko made the offer while in his office. It was an offer that Massuda flatly refused, Hannon testified.

Hannon said Rezko advised Massuda she would have to create a corporation to get the deal done.

Asked prosecutor Reid Schar: "Was it clear that she was not interested?"
Hannon: "Yes it was."

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thank you governor blagojobitch for handing over the state of illinois to your trusted friend rezko...i pray that the day will come when rezko and you get to be very close a jail cell next to each other.

George... You don't have to pray... what goes around comes around and the "three amigos", Rezko, Blago and Obama, will eventually be making "license plates" in the federal prison system.

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