Rezko trial: Levine shows some ugly colors

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Stuart Levine reveals yet another level of personal corruption.
Prosecutor Chris Niewoehner asked Levine to explain something that came up in a phone call played in court with his friend Robert Weinstein. It had to do with a 270-apartment complex run by a South Florida charity. Levine explains that he and Weinstein owned the property. And senior citizens live in the housing pay rent to another enterprise -- also owned by Levine and Weinstein.
If ever there were a shortfall of rent that would be OK.
Levine and Weinstein took any rent shortfall from another charity -- the North Shore Supporting Organization. Guess who runs NSO?

Levine, Weinstein and Mel Rosenberg. At that revelation, a wave of gasps and disbelieving laughter rippled over the overflow courtroom I’m sitting in right now.
“Was there any way that you and Mr. Weinstein could lose money with those properties?” Niewoehner asked.
“No,” Levine responded.
“Were you violating your duties to NSO?” asked Niewoehner. “Yes sir,” Levine said.

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