Rezko defense: Levine made his secretary cry

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Tony Rezko's lawyer, Joseph Duffy, intent on exposing Stuart Levine's memory problems, brings up Levine's lapse when recounting a $3 million check.
In 2004, Levine sent his secretary home crying after he argued with her over who signed the $3 million check. Levine insisted it wasn't his signature and believed she had signed it for him.

Levine was so sure of himself that a colleague hired a hand-writing expert to show Levine who really signed the check, Duffy revealed through his questions.
The answer: it was, indeed, Levine.

"You truly did not have a recollection of ever signing this check, isn’t that true?" Duffy asked.
"I didn’t remember signing that check because I did not remember the Lamal Enterprises transaction in the time and the manner the check was shown to me," Levine responded.
"And you don’t have a memory problem?" Duffy teased. "No sir," Levine said.

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