Levine: Rezko could 'knock me out'

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In one recorded phone call played today, star witness Stuart Levine talks with friend Robert Weinstein about his motivation for cutting in Rezko on kickback schemes -- even if Rezko didn’t ask for it.
“He can knock me out," Levine said. But then said Rezko should appreciate Levine because: "I brought him stuff he didn’t know existed.” Levine was talking about Rezko's alleged ability to have Levine reappointed to state boards -- the same state boards where Levine pocketed money by voting for projects and not revealing his personal interest.

“The fact that I discussed sharing finder’s fees for deals that were already in place and he was unaware of I believe impressed him... Mr. Rezko,” Levine explained.

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boy, these guys something. george ryan never surrounded himself with drug addicts and compulsive gamblers like blagojevich has, nor did he seek million dollar kickbacks. all he did was go to jamaica a few times for handing out million dollar contracts to qualified bidders. in the private sector, ceo's are always getting perks like trips for doing million dollar deals. nobody ever says anything then. what a joke the typical voter is, especially the ones who voted for blagojevich.

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