Levine might leave witness stand today

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After weeks of testimony, Stuart Levine might finally get off the witness stand today in Tony Rezko's corruption trial.

Rezko's lead defense lawyer, Joseph Duffy, wrapped up his cross-examination of Levine, the prosecution's star witness against Rezko, at noon.

The prosecution is doing its re-direct now.

As he finished questioning Levine, Duffy tried to show jurors that Levine was doing whatever it took to avoid a life sentence by testifying against Rezko. Levine is expected to spend 67 months in prison in exchange for his testimony.

"You understood that, in order to get this benefit, you had to cooperate against somebody, isn't that right?" Duffy asked Levine.

"Actually, Mr. Duffy, that was not my understanding," Levine replied.

After another Duffy question, Levine clarified what he meant.

"My understanding is as follows - that I understand that I would be asked questions that the government would put to me, that I would have to answer those questions honestly, and I would give the government that honest information as to whatever individual or subject matter I was asked about."

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