Levine: I was drunk with power

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Ending the day, Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy asked if Levine ever said that he felt "drunk with power"
when he was scheming behind the scenes to direct multi-million dollar decisions on two state boards he sat on.

Levine said he doesn't know if he had said that but: “I certainly felt that way.”

For the first time in 11 days on the stand, one could hear impatience in Levine's voice as he answered question after question from Duffy.

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Anyone who has a long term relationship with Rezko is going to be suspect. He has tried to incorporate himself with it seems all the local politicians, donating to everyone. I can understand someone meeting him and not knowing what kind of man he is but to carry on a long term friendship, a good person would recogonize Rezko for he is and distance him or herself from this man. Levine is no such person, he stuck to Rezko like glue, making a good witness for the prosecution. What other kind of person could get close to Rezko?

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