Levine: A bagman is a homeless person?

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Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy hammers Levine with questions about his memory and drug use, tripping him up along the way. Duffy and Levine get into an almost comical discussion over the definition of a bagman. Duffy asked if Levine considered his friend, Sven Sorensen, his bagman.
"You affectionately refer to him as your bagman," Duffy said of Sorensen.
But Levine quibbled with the use of the word bagman.

"Was Mr. Sorensen asked to receive money on your behalf?"
"Yes sir."
"And by the way, that would be illegal money? Duffy asked. "Y---es sir.
"What is your definition of bagman?" Duffy asked. "I would use your definition"

"No sir. Mr. Levine do you have a definition of a bagman?" Duffy pressed.
"Tell me sir, what did you use Mr. Sorensen for? "
"A bagman," Levine says -- unclear if he was being sarcastic.
Under your definition what did that include?
"My definition of a bagman, is a homeless person," Levine said. "But that’s not what we’re referring to."
"Your definition of a bagman is a homeless person?" Duffy said, dropping his voice in amazement.
"That’s what I think of, yes." Levine said.

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