Judge to Levine: Answer the questions. Nothing more.

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Judge Amy St. Eve admonished witness Stuart Levine after a morning filled with lengthy exchanges between Levine and defense lawyer Joseph Duffy.

Levine sometimes asked Duffy questions, quibbled with wording of those questions and even told Duffy at one point: "That is an absolute -- and understandable -- misreading of the facts as I know the facts ... as I was there and you were not."

St. Eve, during the morning break, admonished Levine: "Please listen to the question ... and answer the question. You are not here to engage in a conversation ... You are in your third week of testimony. At the rate we’re going you’re still going to be on the stand in May."

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Haywud?- I think your comment was directed at my coment. The fact is these lawyers are just grandstanding it really doesn't come off very well. The jurors are getting the message from the tapes period- it's pretty solid evidence that leads to guilt.

This is all just money wasted. Rezko doesn't seem to have a chance.

But then again I might just be ignorant...

Well, that's nice. Thanks for the kind words.
Though I think they were directed to the wrong commenter.

Either way, let's follow the blog's rules and "attack ideas, not people."

Natasha, you ignorant b .

There is a procedure referred to as cross examination. It is there where these "nuances" can be fleshed out by a competent lawyer.

This is one of the greatest problems with our legal system. There are obviously nuances to all conversations and interpretations of those conversations. What an attorney like Duffy can do is take select point of a conversation, then elicits a response that he wants without the witness being able to put it into context.

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