Joe Cari leaves the stand

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Joseph Cari finished his testimony shortly after lunch break. He hailed a cab after leaving the courthouse and got in without his lawyer. A flurry of cameras surrounded him but he didn't want to comment when asked.

Cari's departure came after he told of an interesting exchange.

On redirect, prosecutor Reid Schar asked Cari if he said anything to his assistant after having a discussion with Chris Kelly.

“I said I felt like I needed to take a shower,” Cari said.

The new witness is Clyde Robinson, a director at JER, which was seeking an investment with the Teachers Retirement System.

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Bessie, there was no personal crisis. Sorry, that was phrased incorrectly, there was, he just could not really give a damn. -or so it seems.

Streetwise; you are probably right, I'm a sucker for a dead wife.
Bigwindy; thanks for sticking-up for me with Dan.
Dan; stick around until the end of this trial,it should be ending in June, and if Rezko is innocent, I will eat the complaint filed against him, with my special "K" at the Purple Hotel.

Bessie, that's exactly what Cari's army of PR falcks, consultants, and lawyers want you to believe. They have been working the press ever since this guy got pinched. No national level politician could have ever been mistaken about what he was doing. To drag his late wife (and Rezko's wife for that matter) into the dirt is horrifying. I want to take a shower after a read this post.

Dan, who are you kidding? I mean this trial seems to be a joke. Despite the rants and yelling and theatrics of Duffy (who seems to love himself more than his client) there is no way any person cannot connect the dots.

Bessie why are you sure of rezko's guilt? he's not guilty till they covict him.. all the evidences are showing levine is a lier about rezko.. you basis are all wrong

I think I feel a little sorry for Cari, it sounds like Blagojevich,Rezko and Levine took advantage of him when he was going through a personal crisis. I think Patrich Fitgerald should give Caris' 2 year sentence to Levine and give Cari community service.

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