Levine gave to his favorite charity --himself

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Stuart Levine admits he started a charity organization, NSO, with his friend Robert Weinstein so the two could make personal use of charity money. Setting up NSO allowed them to transfer money from a foundation they controlled IDDRS and use the money the way they wanted.

At one point Levine and Weinstein siphon of $6 million, splitting the money.
But they had to hide the debt from the charity, they did it by donating $6 million to a medical school. Levine and Weinstein sat on the board of that medical school and were able to control it so the notes from the donation wasn't paid.
They then laundered $1 million through the school through Levine friend Sven Sorensen.
To top it off, Levine made that money then look like a donation to the school.
"You took the $1 million that you laundered through Sorensen and walked into the president of the school and gave it to him," Duffy said.
Levine agreed.

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